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   Startup In Illinois

Startup Financial Essentials A discussion of essential financial considerations for a new business startup. 25:34
Funding Options A discussion of funding options for a startup business in Illinois. 8:30
Company Registration A discussion on how to formally register and license a business entity with state, county and city officials. 5:48
Employment Laws A discussion of employment laws and regulations impacting business owners. 9:44
Intellectual Property A discussion of intellectual property by category and various methods of safeguarding it. 11:17
Understanding Insurance A discussion of common types of commercial insurance and basic considerations for creating an insurance program for a small business. 22:51

Digital Marketing Colin Gonsalves of CG Digital Marketing joins us to discuss what small business owners should consider before starting a digital marketing campaign. 2:49

Franchising Gloria Spielman of The Entrepreneur's Source discusses the four pillars of franchising, which kind of people become franchisees, misconceptions about the franchise process and how to get started. 8:25
Bookkeeping Adult Services Librarian Lindsay Harmon speaks with Elliot Hershik, General Manager, Supporting Strategies about accounting and bookkeeping. 8:52
  NaperLaunch Academy Video Courses

Business Feasibility Model, Session 1 Introduction to the Lean Startup Process. Love the problem is all about understanding what target customer’s need, so that the business can be built around delivering a solution to those needs. 1:56:21
Business Feasibility Model, Session 2 Develop a Unique Value Proposition, which will guide decisions on pricing strategy, marketing message creation and solution delivery. 1:56:50
Business Feasibility Model, Session 3 Complete the Lean Business Model Canvas with Key Metrics, Channels, Cost Structure and Revenue Sources. 2:00:15
Business Feasibility Model, Session 4 Review of individual class member’s business model canvas. 2:00:17
Business Feasibility Model, Session 5 Review of individual class member’s business model canvas. 1:35:55
Starting a Business in Illinois, Sessions 1 & 2 Discussion of several basic issues to be addressed when starting a business in Illinois. Includes review of the Entrepreneur Profile, Key Success Behaviors, Choosing an Organizational Structure, Business Registration, Funding Options, Insurance, Tax & Employment Law, the difference between Bookkeeping and Accounting. 1:53:52
Write a Business Plan, Session 1 Introduction to writing a business plan. Why write a plan, components of a plan, library resources that support writing a plan and Gale Business: Plan Builder software available at the library. 1:59:35
Write a Business Plan, Session 2 Using the Plan Builder software to develop specific components of your plan. 1:59:51
Write a Business Plan, Session 3 Review individual class member’s challenges and questions about writing a plan. Developing the financials in your plan. 1:07:21
Write a Business Plan, Session 4 Catching up after the COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home order in Illinois. Review of individual class member’s plans and reschedule remaining class sessions. 57:15
Write a Business Plan, Session 5 Review of individual class member’s plans. 1:13:32
Write a Strategic Marketing Plan, Session 1 Using marketing research and situational analysis tools and models to assess your market landscape. Format of a strategic plan using the VGOST model. Using Gale Business: Plan Builder to create a strategic marketing plan. 1:39:24
Write a Strategic Marketing Plan, Session 2 Mapping marketing messages based on the UVP, the value of integrated marketing messages, building a plan in GB:PB using tactics, graphics, exhibits and channels. 1:02:54 /53:09
Write a Strategic Marketing Plan, Session 3 Learn to forecast advertising costs and create an annual marketing budget. Calculate customer lifetime value (CLV), customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and conversion rate (CR). Identify marketing effectiveness tools and platforms. 55:23/59:59
Write a Strategic Marketing Plan, Session 4 Review of individual strategic marketing plans. 1:53:29
Professional Selling Skills, Session 1 Introduction to the basic professional selling skills and how to use them in face to face or telephone sales calls. 57:55/55:13
Professional Selling Skills, Session 2 Introduction of the additional skill of handling customer objections. 1:56:50
Professional Selling Skills, Session 3 Role plays and making the connection to your own business situation. 1:57:58